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China Xingye Die Casting Manufacturer is a well established contract manufacturer and exporter of aluminum die castings and zinc die castings. We pride ourselves in high quality, competitive price and excellent services. In the past decade we have been serving customers from all over the world and meet all kinds of purchasing needs for oversea customers.

Our main products are the aluminum die cast components for gas burning heater s and electric heaters. Besides, we make other aluminum die castings for automotive components, lab furniture components, fiber optic network gear components and so on.

Through cooperation with Triton Global Sources, Inc. based in USA we have accumulated experience in meeting the demands for overseas customers. We have profound understanding on the western industrial standard on quality and delivery. We have pleasant cooperation with oversea customers and we are glad we are able to prove them with quality parts and help them maintain global competitiveness.

We sincerely welcome you, a member of the global economy, to visit us or contact us immediately. Whether you are currently purchasing from overseas or you are looking for a reliable offshore source, China Xingye Die Casting Manufacturer will be a great choice for you.


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