Xingye Die Casting Manufacturer Co.

 We are proud of our people, facility and quality system...
     Xingye has invested a large amount of sophisticated, high-end equipment to increase capacity and efficiency in the past decade. Most equipment are numeric-controlled with easy maintenance to reduce downtime and ensure consistent quality. 

     Stringent quality assurance policy and highly self-disciplined attitude are the guarantee to excellent craftsmanship. The Xingye people devote all themselves to the quality of customer's products. 

     Teamwork is another strength at Xingye. We have the best work force that is loyal to the company. Our low turn-around rate not only benefits ourselves, but also benefits our customers, cutting down cost while maintaining excellent quality.

     The following is a list of our equipment:

  • Die cast presses: 6 sets (ranging from 300 to 600 tons)
  • CNC lathes: 2 
  • NC lathes:  2
  • Special lathes: 6
  • CMM:  1
  • SGI work stations (ProE, UG, MasterCam): 2
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