Xingye Die Casting Manufacturer Co.

 Quality is the lifeline of our company...
Everyone at Xingye knows clearly that quality is the lifeline of the company. To achieve this goal, we adopted ISO 9001:2000 as our quality standard.

Here is a glimpse of our process controls:

  • All incoming materials come with vendor's material certificates  
  • Each process is electronically or digitally controlled 
  • Preventive maintenance is in place 
  • Quality audit is implemented in the whole production process
  • Customer critical dimensions are 100% checked with gages 
  • All parts are 100% visually inspected for flashes and other defects 
  • All shipped products are clearly labeled with a final audit 
  • All processes are documented and signed by the responsible individuals 
  • If you have any comment or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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